The Team

Anchen Bamford – Founding Director

Anchen grew up on a farm in the Free State, South Africa to parents who were both educators. Her path led to the North West Province, where she was involved in administering and overseeing the orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) caregiver programme for a non-profit organisation. It was here that she found her calling and her passion for working with vulnerable women. She is a wife and a mom of two — her first and most important calling. Her family settled in Cape Town where in 2 015 she started Pretty Pride.

“Being part of Pretty Pride helps me to be a better mother by teaching and encouraging my kids to be part of something that helps others. I look forward to seeing the ladies of Pretty Pride each week. Being part of their journey and seeing them grow and achieve, as they become everything that they were meant to be, is extremely rewarding and fulfilling.”


Leigh Barge – Director

Leigh Barge is married and has two young sons. She grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and attended university in Kwa-Zulu Natal. She qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1997 and then moved to London for 11 years, working as an accountant in various sectors including financial services and communications. She returned to South Africa in 2009 and currently lives in Cape Town.

“Pretty Pride is taking women on an adventure, equipping them with life skills and lifting them to a place to equip others with the same skills.”

Natasha Mathews – Director

Natasha grew up in the USA and lived in South Africa for 8 years with her husband and two precious daughters.. Her professional focus is on developing effective public policy, having worked on various local and international development programmes. She holds a B.A. in Geography from Georgia State University, an LLB from UNISA and is currently working on her JD/LLM at the University of Washington.

“It is a privilege for me to be a part of Pretty Pride and participate, in some small way, in the awesome transformation and empowerment of some very special women.”

Samantha Harlock – Social Worker

Samantha has lived in Cape Town her entire life. She graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) in Social Work from the University of Cape Town. Her first few years of work were at an out-patient drug rehabilitation unit based in the Cape Flats. From there she moved to an organisation that assists refugees living in the Western Cape with their basic needs and accessing their rights. Samantha assists with conducting training for social workers on disability awareness and helps to conduct job readiness training, enabling people to be better equipped with skills to find employment.

“I thoroughly enjoy working with Pretty Pride and being part of the women’s journeys to self discovery as well as assisting them in learning new skills so that they are better equipped to handle their circumstances.”

Jacqueline van Meygaarden- Producer

Jacqueline has always been a storyteller, starting from her early exploration with drama at school in Johannesburg. She studied theatre and television at the University of Witwatersrand, and moved to Cape Town in 2003, where she began working as a freelance director, producer and cinematographer, touring locally and internationally as a puppeteer and performer. In 2008, she started Cosmos Productions, a company that brings together her work as a documentary filmmaker and a visual theatre-maker. Jacqueline produces creative, authentic stories for a range of clients, and her strength is finding the humanity in every story she tells. She has produced work in South Africa, Madagascar, Poland and Cambodia. Since the birth of her two children, she has diversified her skills to include communications management and currently works part-time for the Children’s Radio Foundation.

“Pretty Pride is a testimony to the power of creativity as a healing form, and to the incredible strength of women.”





We congratulate Florence Fabrick, Jacqueline Fanford, Nicole Koopman, Wilhelmina Koopman and Wilhelmina Norman, our class of 2016 for successfully completing the Pretty Pride Art Programme. This pilot programme took place over 1 year focussing on 3 main pillars of development:

Work Experience – Design, production, packaging and studio support.
Life Skills – Financial planning, workplace ethics and job readiness, mapping personal goals and personal development.
Discover – Exploring the city and its artistic influences, and giving back to their communities.

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Volunteer Artists 2016

Pretty Pride gives a special thank you to these wonderful contributing artists who have trained, guided and inspired our ladies with their talent and skill throughout 2016.


Anastasia Sarantinou – Art Trainer

Eric Kjeseth

Stephan van Zyl – Art Trainer

Claire Bunkell

Christine Crowley

Samantha Apolles


Should you wish to volunteer your expertise to our 2017 programmes, please contact us by emailing