Art Programme

The programme

Born out of a passion to help extraordinary women realise their potential, what started as a 3 day workshop in October 2015 that soon developed into a year programme celebrating our first group of  graduates form our Pilot programme in October 2017 at the Kirstenbosch Gardens with an art exhibition. We were able to exhibit our ladies art but also partnering established artist that have volunteered  their time and skills to the project . Pretty Pride is a project that reveals to disadvantaged women of South Africa the potential that they have. Pretty Pride then partners with each individual to realise their dreams and create a better life for themselves and their families. The Pretty Pride art project begins with working with partners to identify communities and potential candidates for the programme, based on need and interest.   Our program focuses on 4 core areas of development, Work, Support, Discovery and Giving Back

Work – Includes all elements relating to developing our prints and products including drawing, template making, printing, painting, packaging and studio support. The women get paid a stipend while engaging in this work and that they are also paid for the products they that are sold. Each art work is signed and packaged with a sticker containing the information of the person that made it.  Once the basic skills are mastered the team starts working on production. Our production series’ are themed and carry a very personal meaning to each woman who created the design.

Past themes have included.


Self’ – an inward journey to embrace ourselves, and love the creature we face each day. These are actual profiles of the artists themselves adorned with pattern and imagery unique to each women’s personality.


Exploration’ – an outward journey exploring the land we come from and the vegetation and animals that set our beautiful country apart. We belong to a nation, a proud nation full of life.


Self-expression’ – a realization that we are part of a whole, that we are part of what makes this country unique. Truly self and truly South African.

Support – Aims to develop a life-skill or develop personal growth. This may include sending our team members on a course, or running workshops such as financial planning, workplace ethics and job readiness, mapping personal goals and personal development. Counselling workshops and individual counselling sessions with our social worker provide emotional and spiritual support and development. Personal goals such as being able to secure first time homes, first time employment, facing domestic abuse, grieving the past, and overcoming the scars of apartheid has all been part of our success story of Pretty Pride ladies. We believe if you allow a person to heal and to work, finding pride and dignity, they can accomplish anything

Discovery – Aims to expose the team to South African art and Sites, broadening their understanding of art and the workplace in general and the role they play in being part of our beautiful country. We want this branch of the project to inspire them to challenge themselves. Activities for Discovery include outings to museums, exhibitions, studios, demonstrations by other artists on their specific medium and technique, personal art or printing projects as well as visiting national sites such as Kirstenbosch and District 6 museum. The art inspired out of this part of the programme has been such as the range or our of “Jou Ouma se teapot District 6 “  it played crucial role in overcoming the scars of apartheid and overcoming the fear of going doing something for the first time such as visiting Kirstenbosch ore asking a question in a professional setting for the first time.


Giving backA key pillar to our program is giving back to the communities they belong to.  They do this by volunteering their art skills to create beautiful wall murals as beautiful as the women and children in their communities. The Participants are guided to take the lead on this, developing leadership and putting the emphasis on them becoming pillars in their community. Where once they were victims they now are they become Leaders.

Our six months Art Program provides a safe environment where women receive training in a variety of art skills as well as digital art manipulation, product development and production. They also work through a Care programme with our resident social worker which focuses on self discovery, life skills, preparing or the future and dealing with the past. Our social worker is readily available to each woman who is in need of assistance in their personal social situations.

Each woman receives a stipend for the days they have worked, allowing them to continue to support their families while receiving training and counselling.

There are a limited number of places available in the Art Programme. Applicants need to complete a community workshop in order to qualify. Applications will be completed at the end of the 3 day workshop.

Sponsor our Art Programme
Our aim is to provide excellent quality training and competitive stipends to our programme participants to ensure the success of the programme and the people it benefits. Should you or your organisation wish to sponsor the programme or a participant please contact our team by emailing or making a donation through our online store.

Commissioned Projects
Should you or your organisation wish to commission Pretty Pride to design and produce a special project please contact our team by emailing



After completing the 6 months Art Programme, our graduates will fall into one or more of the following growth opportunities:

Based on their strengths, aspirations and/or needs a graduate will be recommended to a partner organisation for further skills or job readiness training, or counselling.

Graduates can apply to become a Pretty Pride Affiliate artist with Pretty Pride acting as their Agent. In this way they become independent artists earning an income from their artworks.



Those who have displayed a heart for working with woman with  will be given the opportunity to participate in as an Assistant Art Facilitator in workshops. This workshops focuses on training the individual in art therapy techniques and creative art facilitation skills for the purposes of working in our various art workshops that has been identified in our communities as needed