About Us

The mission of the Pretty Pride programme is to empower and equip women with a sense of accomplishment, purpose and financial freedom through imparting skills in art design and production to provide a better standard of living for each woman, her family and ultimately the broader community. The Pretty Pride project provides a safe place for women to create and dream, while developing practical and marketable skills for the individual to earn an immediate and sustainable income. The goal of our programme is to release motivated, strong, capable women into earning opportunities that align with their personal goals and strengths. Graduates who have a particular aptitude for art will be given the opportunity to earn through selling their artwork on the Pretty Pride online shop and developing their professional portfolio with the support of the team. Each artwork reveals a story of hope and beauty; a story of a woman rebuilding her life, finding her voice, her place in this world and leaving her mark.

Project Focus


The focus at Pretty Pride is on drawing out the extraordinary beauty of women in dire circumstances, using art as a tool to break down barriers, build self-worth and provide hope for the future. The programme aims to equip vulnerable women with the tools to become fully fledged artists by providing training and workshops in art techniques and production. With the belief that it takes far more than skill to prepare a person to enter a market as a professional, the programme includes working on and developing the whole person through training in life skills, providing counselling, exposing them to the South African art world and partnering with each individual to make her aspirations a reality. The programme also provides a platform for professional artists to invest in a social responsibility initiative by providing training in art skills to the Pretty Pride participants.


Project Cycle

The Pretty Pride Project runs four different programmes/phases which together make up the project cycle. The aim is to progress women who demonstrate personal growth and skill so that eventually they are able to give back to the project and their communities.